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The Art of Crafting a WIP Report [Infographic]

Updated: Apr 13

As the owner of a construction business, it's important to keep track of how projects are going. That's where the construction WIP report (also known as the construction Work in Progress schedule) comes in. It gives you a quick look at the financial health and status of your ongoing project.

Yet, creating an effective WIP report may be challenging. We've prepared this blog to simplify the WIP report's components with an infographic.

We also go into more detail about each element to help you understand how they all fit together in a Work in Progress report.

By the end of this blog, you'll know how to make a construction Work in Progress schedule that keeps your projects on track and helps your business grow. Let's get started!

Infographic - Key Components of a WIP Report Going Deeper - Exploring Each Element of a WIP Schedule Report “How Often Should I Run a WIP Report?”

Infographic - Key Components of a WIP Report

In the first part of this blog, we'll give you an infographic that sums up the parts of a WIP report. This section shows construction business owners the WIP schedule's components.

You will understand the big picture before diving into the details.

Now, let's dive into the infographic on the components of a WIP report.

This infographic on WIP report components should help you grasp the larger picture. If you want to track your construction projects' finances, you need to know how WIP reports work. And tracking Work in Progress is significant as well. Now that we've covered the basics, let's go over each component further.