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Maximize Sage Accounting for Better Efficiency

Don't let financial management be a construction project headache. Trust CCA's Sage Accounting and Sage Construction bookkeeping services for complete financial control and increased profitability.

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We specialize in Sage 100 Contractor and CFMA best practices for effective financial management.

Receive fast assistance through our 24/7 online Sage 100 Contractor support service.

Sage Accounting Services

Better Construction Finances with Sage Accounting Services

At CCA, our certified Sage consultants specialize in using Sage 100 Contractor to track complex job cost workflows for better estimates, uncover cost savings with WIP reports, and provide strategic financial insights for maximum productivity.

Efficiently Estimate With Job Cost Tracking

Say goodbye to inaccurate job cost estimates! With Sage 100 Contractor support, our specialists help you track and assign actual costs to specific jobs, so you can estimate more effectively and compare easily to your budget. Get the profit potential you deserve with every bid.

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Optimize Savings with WIP Schedule Reports

WIP schedule reports are used to help prevent cost overruns and boost profits. With real-time insights on expenses and cost-saving opportunities, you can adjust your budget, reallocate resources, and minimize expenses with Sage bookkeeper

Boost Productivity with Real-time Financial Reporting

Drive better performance with real-time financial reporting. Our experts ensure proper recording of transactions and reconciliation of details, giving you easy access to up-to-date work-in-progress reports, profit and loss statements, billing invoices, and more. 

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sage accounting & sage consultants

Working with a contractor can be tricky and the Cost Construction Accounting Team is expert at it. They have saved me countless hours of headaches with their incredible bookkeeping services tailored for contractors. 

 - Candice Pigott
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Benefits of Sage Accounting Services

Maximize Efficiency and Streamline Your Accounts Payable

Our Sage accounting services are designed to help you manage your construction business's finances more efficiently, reducing costs and improving your bottom line. 

Job Costing

Work In Progress (WIP) Reporting 

Payroll Processing 

Accounts Payable 

Accounts Receivable

General Ledger 

Project Management

Advanced Reporting

What We Do

What You Get

Track job costs and reduce expenses for higher profits

Monitor financial progress and maximize profits

Streamline payroll and ensure compliance to avoid mistakes

Manage vendor payments efficiently to reduce late payments

Track invoices, manage collections, and improve cash flow

Keep accurate records and gain insights into financial health

Improve the planning, execution, and on-time completion

Analyze data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions

How CCA Works

Getting Started is Easy and Hassle-Free

To get started, we'll schedule an initial discovery call to learn about your unique needs.

We'll then develop a customized Sage 100 support plan to suit your construction business, with fixed pricing so you never have to worry about hidden fees.

Take Control of Your Construction Finances!

Inadequate financial management can affect your construction company by producing earnings loss and unnecessary risks. Get expert help from our Sage Contractor 100 support to track costs, maintain budget control, and maximize profitability.

Act now and take charge of your construction finances!

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