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Enjoy Stress-free Tax Services for Construction Success

  • Simplify tax complexities

  • Avoid overpayments/ surprise penalties

  • Never worry about IRS compliance

  • Claim more savings, land better projects 

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Tax Services To Safeguard Contractors’ Earnings

Income Tax Preparation

We shield your hard-earned income from tax season stress. Our precise tax prep service minimizes overpayments and maximizes your returns.

Business Tax Preparation

Businesses thrive when taxes are right! We optimize your business taxes, keeping more of your earnings where they belong - in your pocket, fueling growth.

Personal Tax Preparation

No more tax headaches! We sift through every deduction and credit, ensuring your personal taxes work for, not against, your hard-earned money.

Tax Planning

Think ahead, save more. Our strategic tax planning maps out a future where your earnings are protected and your liabilities are minimized.

Our Construction Clients

Our Clients in The Construction Industry 

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Construction Owners

Gain a clear view of your financial health. to drive your business forward.

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General Contractors

Minimize tax liability and maximize project profitability.

construction bookeeping service


Navigate the unique tax nuances of subcontracting with ease.

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Enrolled Agents: Contractor’s Tax Experts

Building your construction business was a labor of love, but handling its taxes and contractor tax solutions doesn't need to be a chore. At Construction Cost Accounting, we make your tax processing a breeze.

Efficient Savings

Save time and money with our tailored tax solutions. Focus on what you do best - we've got your taxes covered.

Simplifying Complexity

We are more than tax preparers. We are partners in simplifying your financial journey, making tax management effortless.

Helpful Numbers to File with Confidence

Our tax services are built upon a foundation of trust, commitment, and tangible results, making us one of the best tax consultants in the industry.


We're proud to be the go-to tax service provider for more than 300 construction businesses.


Our tax strategies have resulted in over $15 million in savings for our clients over the past five years.


We prioritize customer satisfaction, which is reflected in our exceptional client retention rate.


Never lose sleep over tax concerns. Our best tax consultants are at your service 24/7.

Contractor’s Benefits

Optimized with The Help of The Best Tax Consultants

Maximized Tax Refund

Align your business and personal tax strategies for unmatched returns. We help you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Expert American EAs 

Enjoy best-in-class USA tax services from our certified enrolled agents. They're not just experts - they're your personal tax allies.

Uncompromised Security

We safeguard your financial data with robust encryption during transmission and storage. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Flat Fees & No Surprises

Our easy and fast filing comes with flat fees and no surprises. Any additional costs are approved by you beforehand. 

Effortless Tax Preparation 

Never Worry About Your Tax Filing Again

Our tax prep service relieves you of the complex and time-consuming task of filing your business taxes. We offer:

In-depth review and accurate filing of your tax returns.

Identification of strategic deductions to minimize your tax liability.

Up-to-date knowledge of construction-specific tax laws for optimum deductions.

Comprehensive local bookkeeping, job costing and tax filing services.

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Proactive Tax Planning

Your Guide to Future Financial Success

Don't let evolving tax landscapes catch you off guard. Our proactive tax planning services ensure you're prepared for the future by:

Proactive tax strategies tailored for future fiscal years.

Expert guidance for tax-impacting business decisions.

Detailed tax consultation for effective cash flow management​.

In-depth analysis for potential tax savings.