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Keep Your Income Safe With Accounts Receivable Services

Get access to effective accounts receivable management to ensure you get paid on time and maintain a healthy cash flow with our CCA Certified Sage 100 Contractor consultants.

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We specialize in Sage 100 Contractor and CFMA best practices for positive cash flow!

Our experts use Sage 100 Contractor to deliver accurate and timely financial data throughout your project's lifecycle.

 Accounts Receivable Services

Get Paid On Time, Every Time

Protect your construction project's budget and daily operations by ensuring a steady cash flow. Our Certified Sage Consultants offer expert A/R services to help you improve cash flow through timely invoicing, effective change order control, and up-to-date AR reports.

Avoid Underbilling with Timely Invoicing

Underbilling can lead to missed revenue and reduced profitability in the realm of construction company bookkeeping. Our expert team ensures you invoice timely for the work performed and receive payment on time to maintain a healthy cash flow, strong relationships with your clients, and increased profitability.

outsourced accounts receivable services (invoice) - construction company bookkeeping
receivables outsourcing - get paid consistently

Get Paid Consistently With Every Change Order

Tired of chasing payments and dealing with change order chaos in your construction company bookkeeping? We'll ensure your invoices are sent out promptly and accurately once approved while updating and tracking your change orders, so you can focus on your core business operations.

Optimize Cash Flow with Essential A/R Reports

Maximize your business's cash flow with our essential A/R reports. By providing valuable insights into your financials, including AR aging and cash receipts reports, our reports help you reduce unpaid invoices and make informed decisions that fuel your business growth.

outsourcing accounts receivables reports (sage 100 contractor)

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Services

Maximize Cash Flow and Streamline Your Accounts Receivable

Our A/R services are designed to help you streamline your operations, improve cash flow, and grow your business with confidence.

What We Do

What You Get

Ensure prompt payments from clients

Bill timely and accurately

Reduce administrative burden

Ensure accurate financial reporting

Increase collection rates, reduce bad debt

Better insight into AR performance

Clearly identify overdue accounts

Generate invoices    

Manage change orders

Record payments received

Reconcile accounts

Follow-up on past due

Create customized reports

Review and analyze AR aging reports

Stop worrying about overdue payments. Try our AR services today! 

accounts receivable company
receivable management
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We were always focused on our profit and loss statement. But cash flow was not a regularly discussed topic. It was as if we were driving along, watching only the speedometer, when in fact we were running out of gas.

 - Michael Dell
Founder and CEO of Dell Technologies

How CCA Works

Getting Started is Easy and Hassle-Free

To get started, we'll schedule an initial discovery call to learn about your unique needs. We'll then develop a customized plan to suit your construction business, with fixed pricing so you never have to worry about hidden fees.


The Latest from CCA

Stop Losing Money from Unpaid Invoices!

Late payments and uncollected debts can hurt your cash flow and profitability. Let CCA's expert team manage your accounts receivable, improve collection rates, and ensure prompt payment from clients. Don't wait, take control of your cash flow today!

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