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WIP Analysis Get Cash-Positive on Every Project

Maximize project success with accurate and timely WIP reports, monitor progress, identify cost overruns, and enable informed decisions for fast job completion and profitability.

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CCA uses Sage 100 Contractor and CFMA best practices for accurate WIP analysis, empowering informed decision-making.

Our experts use Sage 100 Contractor to deliver accurate and timely financial data throughout your project's lifecycle.

WIP Analysis Services

A Clear View of Job Progress & Profitability

At CCA, we provide real-time Work in Progress analysis so you know exactly the job progress, over/under billing status, and project profitability. Standardized processes allow you for easy construction project analysis of financial data and PMs for complete control and success.

Make Decisions with Accurate WIP Reports

Clear project visibility is crucial for informed decision-making and success. Accurate WIP reports provide insights on completed work percentage, and revenue recognition, allowing proactive issue identification and adjustments.

Job Progress-construction project analysis
work in progress- wip reporting

Avoid Underbilling with WIP Analysis

Our Work in Progress analysis identifies cost discrepancies and provides accurate estimated costs to complete (ECAC), enabling you to adjust billing to avoid undercharging clients and maximize profitability.

Improve Profits with Efficient Change Order Management

Using WIP analysis can help optimize change order management in construction projects by providing insights on project progress, identifying areas where change orders cause delays and increased costs, and adjustments to ensure fast completion and secure profits.

Change Order Management- wip analysis for contractors

Benefits of WIP Analysis Services

Get Every Project Count

Our Work in Progress Analysis services are designed for you to gain control of your projects and identify areas for improvement, ensuring profitability at every stage.

WIP Schedule Report

Cost Tracking

Time Tracking

Change Order Management

Resource Allocation

Risk Management

What We Do

What You Get

Identify project progress and timeline, improve resource allocation

Identify cost inefficiencies, accurate forecasting, and budgeting

Identify project delays, better scheduling, and timeline management

Accurately estimate change order impact and negotiate better terms

Enable efficient resource allocation, better planning, and management

Identify potential risks, prevent project delays and rework

work in progress

Construction Cost Accounting's risk management is much appreciated. Their real-time WIP analysis gave us project control, proper billing, and profits. Their change order management cut delays and expenses. Strongly advised!

Michelle K.

​General Contractor

Sample WIP Report

The WIP Reporting of CFMA provides a detailed analysis of work-in-progress (WIP) for a construction project:

  • It tracks unfinished work, monitors project progress, and verifies billings.

  • The report also details the revenue earned, direct, and indirect costs.

By using WIP schedule template report, contractors can:

Track progress accurately

Monitor project efficiency

Ensure accurate financial reporting

Improve cash flow management

Plan for competitive projects

WIP Schedule Reports.webp- wip schedule template

How CCA Works

Getting Started is Easy and Hassle-Free

To get started, we'll schedule an initial discovery call to learn about your unique needs. We'll then develop a customized plan to suit your construction business, with fixed pricing so you never have to worry about hidden fees.

Take Control of Your Construction Projects with WIP Analysis

Are you tired of dealing with project delays, unexpected costs, and reduced profitability in your construction projects? Our WIP analysis for contractors services provide the solution you need to take control of your construction projects. Our experts will work with you to identify areas for improvement, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

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