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Gain Better Control of Payments with Accounts Payable Services

Streamline your AP process with CCA’s Certified Sage 100 Contractor Consultants for better payment management and enhanced vendor satisfaction.

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We specialize in Sage 100 Contractor and CFMA best practices for effective payment management.

Our experts use Sage 100 Contractor to deliver accurate and timely financial data throughout your project's lifecycle.

 Accounts Payale Services

Maintain Healthy Cash Flow & Happy Vendors

We simplify payment delivery, increase accuracy, and ensure IRS compliance. Enjoy a healthy cash flow and positive industry reputation with our expert AP services.

Strengthen Partnerships with Timely Payments

Our Sage 100 Contractor experts ensure error-free payment processing, on-time payment delivery, expense tracking, and payment processing to construction accounts payable, vendors, and subcontractors.

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Save Time and Money with Accurate A/P Entry

Automate data entry with our construction contractor bookkeeping services online and save time and resources while preventing overpayments and reducing expenses.

Stay Forever Compliant With Updated AP Reports

Stay compliant with ever-changing IRS reporting rules, avoiding costly fines. You can get accurate and up-to-date accounts payable reports, receiving better visibility into invoice approvals. 

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Benefits of Accounts Payable Services

Maximize Efficiency and Streamline Your Accounts Payable

Our A/R services are designed to help you embrace timely payment preparation, improve thorough reconciliation, and grow your business with enhanced efficiency.

Vendor invoice entry

Invoice allocation

Vendor payment preparation 

Vendor payment reconciliation

Sales & use tax compliance review

AP reports creation

AP audit trail maintenance

What We Do

What You Get

Streamlined process saves time and ensures accuracy

Proper allocation enables accurate job costing and analysis

On-time payments improve vendor relationships & avoid fees

Ensures accuracy and prevents overpayments

Avoids costly fines and penalties by ensuring tax compliance

Provides better visibility into cash flow and financial planning

Maintains accuracy and record of all AP transactions for audits

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Inefficiency in the construction industry is more than an annoyance. According to a report from PlanGrid and FMICrop, inefficiencies like rework, missing data, and conflict resolution cost the construction industry more than $177 billion annually.

 - Safesite

The ROI of Safesite for Your Construction Company

How CCA Works

Getting Started is Easy and Hassle-Free

To get started with our construction contractor bookkeeping services online, we'll schedule an initial discovery call to learn about your unique needs. We'll then develop a customized plan to suit your construction business, with fixed pricing so you never have to worry about hidden fees.

Reduce AP Stress and Improve Efficiency

Don't let unmanaged accounts payable put your business at risk. CCA's expert team can help you navigate complex payment processes, reduce errors, and avoid costly fines. Take control of your AP process today!

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