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Sage 100 Contractor Reviews - Pros and Cons

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About Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor, formerly known as Sage Master Builder, is an industry-specific, fully-integrated construction management solution. The software helps construction contractors manage all phases of projects and services management in one easy-to-use, integrated solution. Sage 100 Contractor makes it easy to get access to critical, end-to-end business and project information so that contractors ensure to have a clear view of the full picture and make informed decisions. The solution features a customizable user dashboard, and a project work center, as well as accounting, estimating, project scheduling, management, job costing, etc.

What is Sage 100 Contractor rating?

We have investigated different review platforms about Sage 100 Contractor Reviews Online. We found that the rating of Sage 100 Contractor is 4 stars out of 5 and the total score is 87 out of 100.

How much does Sage 100 Contractor Cost?

The Sage 100 Contractor price is quote-based and it doesn’t publish on Sage’s website. Typically, the cost starts at around $115 per user per month. Your price will be affected by the number of users, your Sage cloud hosting costs, your software features, and more. You’ll need to contact its sales team to request a quote.

Who uses Sage 100 Contractor?

Sage 100 Contractors is accounting software that is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized construction companies, including general contractors, services or specialty contractors, and home builders. The software offers a range of reports for tracking costs and analyzing financial information.

What are their key features and functionalities?


The customizable dashboard allows you to drill down to key detail. It is also easy to navigate through. You can use the left-side menu bar and main menu bar at the top to quickly access certain modules. Just click any tab in the main menu bar, and you’ll see a workflow diagram that can help you visualize the flow of transactions from start to finish.

Job costing

Sage 100 Contractor simplifies the job costing process with integrated estimating and export budgets. You can generate detailed cost reports, including job status, job cost journals, job cost summaries, labor totals, labor journals, and billing summaries.

Accounts Receivable

With the Sage 100 Contractor model, it’s easy to create invoices. You can add items, quantity, discount dates, discount rate, status, and tax status. It also generates an AIA invoice for progress billings if it’s required.

Accounts Payable

The software allows you to manage everything related to the payables. You can easily get access to the purchase order (PO) detail pertaining to the payable entry. If you want to know what costs are affected by a job, go to Costs and click Job Costs or Equipment Cost, it will show you the cost code, cost type, and amount.