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3 Reasons To Move From QuickBooks To Sage 100 Contractor

Updated: Apr 8

QuickBooks was great when you first start out, but as your business has grown and expanded, you need accounting and ERP software that can adequately support your business and make the operation smoother. Sage 100 Contractor has the more extensive contractor-specific features that QuickBooks Online may fail to offer. Here are 3 key reasons why customers of Sage 100 Contractor have benefited from business improvement compared to using QuickBooks products and decided to convert from QuickBooks to Sage 100 Contractor.

sage 100 contractor

Stronger Business Visibility and Control

Sage 100 Contractor provides you with full insight into your business operations. The at-a-glance dashboard makes it easier to access critical business and project management. You can customize the dashboard to drill down to key details and daily items that need your immediate attention, such as current reports, job status, payable and receivable, cash accounts, top clients, and so on.

With the feature of email alerts, you can use customized alerts to be notified by email when a bank balance is low, vendor insurance certificates are expiring, costs exceed a specific budget, purchase order amounts are exceeded, and more.

The mobile application helps officers in the field receive updates from the back office and vice-versa. Therefore, you can get the latest project reports to know where you stand on any project at any time. With the latest update, you’ll be able to quickly identify trouble spots and understand project contribution to the business bottom line.

Streamlined Construction Process

Sage100 Contractor can help you simplify the complex construction issue, whether it’s certified payroll, AIA billings, or lien waivers.

It makes it easy to manage your budget and complete bids. Once your estimate is completed, the software automatically exports the budget, estimates, subcontracts, and POS, saving you more time and reducing the chance of data errors.

The Job Estimates module allows you to see all the detail about the job, including the part number, description of the part, and unit of measurement, such as by piece, box, or direct labor or quantity needed. Additionally, it will compute the cost automatically and apply overhead and profit rates.

Count on industry-experienced customer support

Sage 100 Contractor is a far more complicated software with advanced futures so it’ll take time to set up. However, customer services are always available to help you ease into the system. You can contact Sage Support over the phone or submit your request online, 24 hours a day. You have quick access to knowledgeable software support professionals is critical during intense accounting and tax times.

Bottom Line:

Sage 100 Contractor is robust accounting software that allows small and mid-sized contractors to control every aspect of their business printing job cost reports on-demand and performing construction-specific tasks like scheduling, estimates, project management, and equipment management. If you are currently using QuickBooks and want to convert QuickBooks to Sage 100 Contractor, we’re here to help. You can contact us at 949-356-0840 or schedule an initial free consultation.


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