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The 4 Essential Financial Statements for Contractors

Updated: Apr 5

Managing your construction business finances effectively is crucial for success and sustainability. Understanding and using the right financial statements is important in the construction industry. These statements provide insights into your company's financial health.

This helps you make smart decisions to hold onto your cash. In this article, we will explore the four essential financial statements that every contractor should know. By using these statements, you can manage your finances effectively and ensure long-term success.

Financial Statements for Contractors

1. Income Statement

The income statement, or profit and loss statement, is a financial report for your company. It displays your company's earnings (revenue), expenses, and profit (net income) over a certain period.

It's a tool to gauge the profitability of your construction projects and identify where to cut costs or boost revenue. You should look at your income statement often. This can show you how your company is spending money. Seeing this, you can make plans to do even better.

Use your income statement to:

  • Track revenue and expenses.

  • Find ways to save money.

  • Assess project profitability.

  • Make informed decisions to improve your bottom line.

2. Cash Flow Statement: Monitoring Your Lifeline

Cash flow is crucial for any business, especially for contractors. The cash flow statement tracks the movement of cash in and out of your business over a certain period of time. It shows your cash from operations, investments, and financing activities.

Looking at your cash flow statement is important. It helps you see if there might be cash flow problems. These problems could be due to late payments or spending too much money. If you find these problems, you can start to fix them

Leverage your cash flow statement to:

  • Know when and where your cash comes from.

  • Identify potential cash flow gaps.

  • Evaluate the impact of cash flow on your operations.

  • Improve your cash management strategies.

3. Work-in-Progress (WIP) Report: Keeping Projects on Track

In construction, projects often last months or years. The Work-in-Progress (WIP) report tracks the financial status of ongoing projects. It shows costs incurred, revenue recognized, and estimated costs to complete each project.

It's important to often check the WIP (work in progress) report. This report can show if you're spending more than planned. If you are, you can then make changes to keep your project making money

WIP Schedules with sage 100 support

Use the WIP report to:

  • Track project costs and revenue in real time.

  • Identify potential budget overruns or profit shortfalls.

  • Optimize resource allocation for projects.

  • Make informed decisions to keep projects on track.

4. Balance Sheet: Assessing Financial Health

The balance sheet is like a photo of your company's money situation at a certain moment. It shows what your company owns, owes, and what's left for the owners. If you're a contractor, you can use it to see if your company has enough money, can pay off its debts, and how stable it is financially.

Looking at the balance sheet helps you spot any possible issues or chances for growth. It helps you make smart choices to use your money in the best way.

Maximize the benefits of the balance sheet to:

  • Evaluate your liquidity and solvency.

  • Identify potential risks and opportunities.

  • Make informed financial decisions.

  • Optimize your financial resources.

CFMA Sample Financial Statements

We've given you some example reports, provided by the CFMA, to help you learn about financial statements. These CFMA samples show you what financial statements look like and how to read them. By exploring these examples, you can learn about their layout and the important parts they include.

Sample Income Statement: Download PDF

This sample income statement shows how revenue, expenses, and net income are presented for a construction company. It helps you understand profitability and areas for improvement.

Revenue-Income Statement-Construction Finance Essentials Worksheet A-6
Download PDF • 393KB

Sample Cash Flow Statement: Download PDF

The sample cash flow statement provides a clear overview of cash inflows and outflows in a construction company. It helps you understand how cash is generated and utilized, allowing you to monitor and optimize your cash flow.

Cash Flow-Construction Finance Essentials Worksheet A-8
Download PDF • 415KB

Sample Work-in-Progress (WIP) Report: Download PDF

This example WIP report shows how project costs, revenue, and future costs are displayed. It helps you follow the money part of projects that are still going on. You can see if you're spending more than planned. Using this information, you can make smart choices to keep your project making money.

Sample WIP -Construction Finance Essentials Worksheet A-3
Download PDF • 425KB

Sample Balance Sheet: Download PDF

The sample balance sheet provides a snapshot of a construction company's financial position at a specific point in time. It shows assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity. By reviewing this sample, you can assess your financial health and stability.

Balance Sheet-Construction Finance Essentials Worksheet A-9
Download PDF • 417KB

By using these example reports, you can learn better how financial statements look and work in the building business. These reports are useful guides. They can help you get better at making your own financial reports.

In Conclusion:

Knowing and using the four important financial statements mentioned is vital for managing money well. Regularly reviewing income statements, cash flow statements, WIP reports, and balance sheets helps contractors gain valuable insights into their financial health. From there, they can make informed decisions about holding onto their cash.

At CCA, we specialize in construction bookkeeping services tailored specifically for the industry. Our expertise in construction accounting and financial management can assist contractors in generating accurate and comprehensive financial statements, ensuring precise reporting, and providing necessary financial insights. To learn more about how CCA can support your construction business, explore our blog for additional resources and insights on construction financials.

For questions or assistance, please contact us. We are dedicated to supporting your construction business's financial success.

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