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Get Paid Faster & Easier with Accounts Receivable Process Flow Chart

Updated: Apr 25

Every construction business owner knows cash flow is the key to profitability. Cash on hand is needed for contractors to keep their projects running.

But poor management of accounts receivable (AR) can lead to late payments, bad debts, and unhappy customers. CCA Inc. understands the frustrations that come with receivables management. Our construction AR workflow can help you control your cash flow more effectively and get you paid quickly.

In this blog post, we'll show you our accounts receivable process steps. This is made up of five easy steps that have been shown to get you paid quickly and put you back in charge.

AR Receivable Management Services

What Is An Accounts Receivable Process Flow Chart?

So, what is an accounts receivable process flow chart? It is a step-by-step process a construction company uses to document and examine the way AR is handled. Customers who pay late or do not pay at all can make it hard for a business to grow or even stay in business, so it is important to have a good AR workflow.

Why Struggle With Account Receivable Management?

Are you tired of spending hours each week managing your accounts receivable? If AR is draining your time and resources, it's time to shift the burden to our efficient accounts receivable process steps. We help you to handle the entire process, from the period the service is agreed on to invoicing, collecting, and reconciling payments. So you can stop worrying about potential errors and inconsistencies.

How CCA's Receivable Management Services Are Your Best AR Solutions?

  • Trusted Bookkeeping Experience: You have a team of bookkeepers who specialize in the industry. We keep your data recorded accurately and up-to-date, so you can focus on your business.

  • Construction-Focused Expertise: We understand the unique challenges in the industry, and our AR workflow is tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Effective Approach: At CCA - Construction Cost Accounting, our goal is simple: to keep your cash flow healthy and your customers happy. With our efficient solutions, you will get paid faster, even while you are out in the field. Plus, our streamlined approach means no more time-consuming invoicing or collections - just a steady stream of revenue flowing straight to your bank account.

CCA Accounts Receivable Process Flow Chart

Now, let's dive into the five easy steps that make up our accounts receivable workflow:

CCA Accounts Receivable Process Flow Chart

In Conclusion

As you can see, our accounts receivable process flow chart can help you get paid quickly and put you back in charge. Accounts receivable can be hard to keep track of, especially if your construction business is growing and you have hundreds or even thousands of customers. The key here is to issue invoices timely and follow up on collecting the payments. Our workflow and expertise will help you eliminate the manual, time-consuming AR process from your busy schedule, so you may be free to work in the field.

Don't let poor AR management hold your construction business back. Don't let poor AR management hold you back any longer. Contact CCA now to see how we can help your construction business thrive.

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