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The Integration Between Procore and QuickBooks in Construction

Updated: Mar 21

In order to earn a success in Construction industry, we need a broader understanding about effective Construction Accounting and expense control strategy. PROCORE is a well-known powerful software that helps general contractors, owners, real estate developers and subcontractors to organize their projects and workforce. It is approximately 1,600 companies using it and most of them are 50-200 employees companies in the U.S. This software is widely used because they integrate with many popular ERP system. One of ERP Solutions gear mainly toward Small and Medium Sized Business is QuickBooks.

There are some key benefits when integrating between QuickBooks and PROCORE:

- Save time and labor in the approval procedure of commitments and change orders tasks

- Reduce human error and eliminate double entry when transferring data from PROCORE into QuickBooks

- Improve effective communication between Accountants and Project Managers, General Contractors, Owners, Subcontractors

We can export many features from PROCORE into QuickBooks and vice versa, for example:

- Export Standard Cost codes to Items in QuickBooks

- Export Projects into QuickBooks Jobs

- Export Companies records in Directory into QuickBooks Vendors

- Export Commitment data to process Purchase Orders in QuickBooks

- Export Budget data into QuickBooks estimates

- In PROCORE, we can schedule to setup the integration to ensure the data is synced for the Cost Codes, Jobs and Vendors.

To sum up, PROCORE and QuickBooks integration will establish more efficient workflow and manage proactively in Construction Industry.

If you need any advice or services on any aspects of construction bookkeeping, accounting or tax, our construction accounting specialists are ready to help. Get in touch with us for free quote.

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