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Construction Accounting: Accountants' Guidebook for Construction

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

In the early stages, we all struggled to set up a system accounting that was suitable for our business. For construction businesses, it's even a huge difficulty. Therefore, we will suggest books related to construction accounting to help you read and gain basic knowledge about accounting.

Construction Accounting: A Practitioner's Guide 1st Edition

This is a basic book that lets you know about construction accounting for a construction company. The purpose of the book is not only to provide the basic knowledge of accounting but also to give many examples of how an accounting system can be constructed and operated.


Besides, the book focuses mainly on construction accounting aspects, including:

  • The job cost ledger

  • Change orders

  • Back charges

  • Percentage of completion calculations

  • The treatment of anticipated losses on contracts.

Managing the Profitable Construction Business: The Contractor's Guide to Success and Survival Strategies 2nd Edition

Based on observations of construction market fluctuations, the book offers a variety of perspectives to help you in controlling the construction business.

By helping many construction companies out of bankruptcy, a team of construction business veterans led by Thomas C. Schleifer become a construction business "turnaround" expert. His unique views, experiences, and philosophies are covered in the book, including:

  • Understanding the aspects of construction business failure in the next decade

  • Discovering business risks and how to mitigate them with practical examples

  • Building a profitable business strategy

  • Exploring strategies that have been successful in this construction industry by the author.




Builder's Guide to Accounting

This is a book like a compass giving you the very first steps to establishing and maintaining the accounting related to your construction business. Michael C. ThomsettStep will give you a practical guide to help you understand accounting methods and show how to meet state and federal accounting requirements explains the new depreciation rules, and describes how the Tax Reform Act can affect the way you keep records. Each chapter will have a number of test questions to help you understand the knowledge of construction accounting.


Are you ready to get help, or are you still not sure if you need help to run your construction business? Contact Construction Cost Accounting to have a free 15-minute consultation!


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