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Construction Bookkeeping Services in New York

Helping construction business owners streamline their finances with top-tier accounting services.

Stay on Budget

Boost Profitability

Complete Peace of Mind

NYC Bookkeeping Services

What to Expect From CCA’s NYC Bookkeeping?

As one of the leading accounting firms in New York City, we specialize in providing comprehensive services tailored for the construction industry.

Job Costing

This is an essential service for construction businesses in New York, where project costs can quickly escalate.

Accounts Receivable

CCA’s bookkeeping services manage your invoices and follow-ups, ensuring you get paid on time.

Accounts Payable

Ensure your suppliers are paid on time, and discrepancies are resolved promptly.

​WIP Analysis

Give you a clear picture of ongoing projects, helping you manage resources and finances more effectively.

Tax Planning

Our NYC bookkeeping expertise ensures you maximize your savings while staying compliant with local tax laws.

Why Stand Alone When You Can Stand Tall

Your company is unique, and your financial needs deserve a tailored approach. At CCA, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom solutions that not only address your challenges but also propel you toward financial stability. Here's what sets us apart:

Tailored Solutions

We customize our bookkeeping and accounting services to fit your unique needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.

Modern Tools

Using the latest accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage 100C for efficient and up-to-date financial management.

Clear Discussion

You will always have a solid understanding of your financial situation, which will enable you to make smart decisions.

Construction Accounting Software

Expertise in Leading Accounting Software

In this digital age, leveraging the right software is crucial. As a leading name among
accounting firms in New York City, we specialize in:

Sage Accounting Services

For those seeking advanced construction-specific needs, our experts are proficient in Sage 100 Contractor, ensuring you get the most out of your software investment.


QuickBooks for Construction

Recognized and effective for bookkeeping New York-based businesses, QuickBooks offers seamless financial management tailored for the construction industry.

Experience CCA’s Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to delivering personalized NYC bookkeeping services that go the extra mile to empower your construction business.

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Grow Through Accurate Accounting

Say goodbye to financial confusion with our tailored bookkeeping services in New York. Embrace financial clarity, careful cost control, and actionable insights for your business's growth.

Ready for Financial Transformation?

Don't let bookkeeping challenges stand in the way of your success. Let CCA demonstrate how our expertise in construction accounting can reshape your business's financial landscape. We specialize in precise financial control, ensuring you thrive in your industry.

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Software Expertise

Simplify Your Operations with Our Software Know-How

​We work effortlessly with your favorite software to keep your financial data organized and up-to-date. Our expertise across popular bookkeeping and financial platforms ensures accurate data entry, time savings, and reduced errors, making your financial management simpler and more efficient.

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CCA Unique Proposal

Your Blueprint for Financial Success

At Construction Cost Accounting, we specialize in more than just numbers. We understand the unique needs and challenges of contractors. That's why our innovative proposal integrates advanced accounting and bookkeeping services tailored specifically for the construction industry. Partner with us to gain transparent, precise financial insights that help drive your business forward, improve profitability, and reduce risk.

Take Your Construction Business to New Heights

Partnering with us is a seamless journey. Easily book an appointment, engage in a comprehensive discussion, receive a tailored diagnosis of your bookkeeping needs, and delegate to a dedicated bookkeeper who understands your vision.

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